• FX Premium
Mobile / Extended

    FX Premium
    Mobile / Extended

FX Premium

Since the launch of the Highvac series in 2010,
the Highvac Premium system is recognized internationally as
the quality standard for vacuum-assisted high pressure die casting.
Now being replaced by FX Premium.

  • FX Premium Extended Layout

FX Premium

Full flexibility of configuration and placement.
Simply position the modules to best suit your layout.
To ensure the best performance and quality,
link the vacuum channels closer to the die.

  • FX Premium
Cell / Central

    FX Premium
    Cell / Central

FX Premium
Cell / Central

The FX Premium electrical and pneumatic cabinets can be purchased for Cell or Central solutions. The vacuum tank and pump sizes will be configurated according to customer needs.

FX Premium Layout Cell Central


Curve display of vacuum measurement
Vacuum measurement in the tank
Filter contamination control per cycle
Valve / vent profile control to ensure performance
Internal storage of 500 production recipes
Error diagnostic display
Vacuum control (3 positions)
Evacuated air volume
Leak test / leak detection
Wire interface compatible with the Highvac Premium series

Profinet interface
OPC UA ready
Separate electrical and pneumatic cabinets
Extended version with flexible configuration