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Steel Vents

The aerodynamic profile of our SCS steel vent ensures
both efficient air evacuation and fast alloy solidification.
The SCS steel vent delivers reliable performance
for over 400,000 shots.

Kinetic Valves

A new family of mechanical valves that give you high evacuation capacity, high reliability and compact size at a competitive price.

The proper way to reach high vacuum
Up to 300 mm² evacuation capacity
Compact design for better mold integration
Less weight for easy handling
Available in 4 sizes and 7 evacuation sections

Simplified mechanism to reduce the number of moving parts and to lower maintenance costs.
Integrated cooling circuit available on:
Kinetic Valves 100 / 75 and 300 / 200
New robust filter for easy and quick maintenance.

  • Fondarex Kinetic Valve

Hydraulic Valve

The redesign of the hydraulic vacuum valve features high evacuation capacity, great reliability, easy integration into the mold and smart control of the evacuation piston stroke.

  • Hydraulic Valve


Vacuum valve controlled by a hydraulic cylinder
300 mm² vacuum valve evacuation capacity
Reactive manifold connected to the hydraulic circuit of the DCM
50 ms hydraulic valve closing time
Stroke control of the evacuation piston through the Fondarex Modular unit